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We help communities prosper with solutions that match people with the right jobs, knowledge and labour market information

WhoPlusYou helps communities drive economic and social prosperity by connecting the right people and organizations with the right opportunities, knowledge and labour market information.

Every community works to improve the lives of its members. An essential ingredient is providing the capability for people to find the right jobs and for employers to connect with the right opportunities.

To accomplish this, we have developed a highly accurate, fast, and economical way to match people and employers based on experience, education, diversity and preferences.

Our communities all speak the same language to connect the right people to the right opportunities and knowledge

Today most organizations have individual websites to promote the value they offer. There are so many websites it's often difficult to find the right ones. A web search that has anything to do with employment, government, or educational services will often yield millions of choices.

People network

How do the right people find the right opportunities and knowledge in this environment?

WhoPlusYou breaks down "web site silos" by providing communities with a common framework to work together. Each community member (government, educator, chambers of commerce, not-for-profit, employment services organization) has their own branded portal. However, unlike individual websites, all of the portals work together and promote communications and connections between individual and employer members.

A "common language" is used to describe skills, education, experience, diversity group declarations, and employment/informational preferences. This makes matching very accurate

With highly accurate matching comes highly valuable real time Labour Market Information

We gather highly valuable labour market information as individuals and employers use our system to be matched. Community members can inform their decision-making based on real time market information for both supply and demand.

Diversity matters to us all

Diverse group of people excited for new opportunities

It is essential to find effective ways to help people that are members of diversity employment groups. Our approach does this by allowing people to self declare as being part of a visible minority, disabled, newcomer, LBGTQ*, or indigenous persons group. As a result, employers looking specifically for members of these communities can find them easily.