Matching people to the right opportunities

WhoPlusYou’s platform supports economic and social prosperity by connecting individuals, businesses, and communities with the right opportunities and knowledge.

Our productivity tools deliver intelligent matching between employers and the talent they are looking for; support employment service providers with tools to assist their clients and streamline their workflows and measure outcomes; and provide capability to provide the right content and learning resources to the people and organizations within a community and across the network.

WhoPlusYou’s technology powers the Magnet™ Network. Our exclusive partner in Canada is Magnet, part of Ryerson University.

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Creating a unified digital solution

WhoPlusYou works with technology partners to bring together digital services from across platforms. We create digital infrastructure implementations that will unite employment and training systems across Canada.

Our secure authorization allows us to seamlessly integrate third-party services and tools into the job search and employment counselling processes. Users can take advantage of integrated job boards, assessments and learning management tools.